Microderm Exfoliator

Microderm Exfoliator

Polishes and brightens

A refining exfoliator with micro-particles to gently polish and refine the skin’s surface. Kaolin and Calcium Carbonate assist to improve blood circulation, remove dead skin cells and impurities and leave the complexion soft, smooth and bright.

Beneficial for:
> all skin types
> dry skin
> sensitivity
> pigmentation

  • pH balanced and organic to support a healthy microbiome.
  • Refines and brightens.
  • Polishes away dead skin cells.
  • Lifts and removes impurities.
  • Calcium Carbonate and Kaolin provide gentle yet highly effective exfoliation. Lift dead skin cells and exfoliate at a cellular level.
  • Aloe Vera Extract is soothing.
  • Marula Oil nourishes and hydrates, leaving skin feeling comfortable and smooth.
Natural 99%
Organic 24%

Use once a week.  Massage into face, neck and décolleté in gentle circular motions for about a minute. Rinse off using a sponge or soft cotton cloth and warm water.

Follow with selected mask for maximum benefits.

Retail: 50ml jar
Professional: 200ml tube