Ageless Serum

Ageless Serum

A multi-active blend to target all the signs of ageing.

Beneficial for:
> loss of elasticity
> pigmentation
> all round ageing

  • BIOME+ FORMULATION – this product contains tyndallized Lacotobacillus bacteria that are capable of docking onto skin cells.
  • Lifting, firming and toning.
  • Diminishes uneven pigmentation.
  • Strengthens and minimises puffiness.

A trio of powerful extracts Pfaffia, Marapuama and White Lily is unique to this product and is not used anywhere else in the Esse lineup. It is standardised for saponins and flavonoids. It has a lightening and smoothing effect. This combination also reduces puffiness and firms skin by improving elasticity – particularly in the eye region but is effective on all skin. Effects are seen in around 25 days.

Prebiotics of Inulin and Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharides included at the highest level in the Esse Plus range here selectively feed beneficial microbes.

Probiotics that are still whole (but not living), are able to dock into the binding sites on keratinocytes. The metabolites in the fermentation “broth” are also included. The key effect is to stimulate colonisation of favourable bacteria species.

Devil’s Claw Extract is a new ingredient to skincare and is included for its exceptional results in the protection of elastin and collagen.

Kigelia Extract is included at its maximum safe limit in this product and it has a strong firming effect on skin. Results are seen after two weeks of continuous use.

Low Molecular Mass Hyaluronic Acid is included at only 5% less than the Intensity Serum. Superior hydrating and anti-wrinkle effect can be expected.

Natural 99%
Organic 74%

Apply twice daily to entire face, neck and décolleté after cleansing and misting. Follow with moisturiser of choice.

To introduce the skin to high-level actives, mix one part Ageless Serum with three parts moisturiser and apply to cleansed skin once daily, thereafter use once or twice daily under moisturiser of choice.

30ml pump