Clarifying Oil

Clarifying Oil

Clarifying Oil with Live Lactobacillus to rebalance the skin microbiome and Bakuchiol to mimic Vitamin A.

Beneficial for:

> acne skins

  • Contains Live Probiotics at more than 1 billion CFU per ml.
  • Regulates immune response.
  • Improves and inhibits inflammation.
  • Regulates sebum production and maintains the integrity of sebum.
  • Improves barrier function.
  • Controls bacterial overgrowth.
  • Provitamin D generates Vitamin D, which regulates immune responses and helps resolve inflammation.
  • Bakuchiol controls bacterial overgrowth, maintains sebum integrity, and prevents inflammation.
  • Live Lactobacillus blend repairs barrier function, improves the inflammatory response, and positively shifts the skin microbiome.
Natural 100%
Organic 65%

The actives in the Clarifying Serum and the Clarifying Oil are complementary, and they need to be used together.

For best results, mix 1 to 2 pumps of Clarifying Oil with 2 to 3 pumps of Clarifying Serum in your palm to form a moisturiser. Adjust the amount of Clarifying Oil according to your skin’s needs.

15ml pump