Acmella Oleracea (Mafane) Extract

This key ingredient is extracted from a small plant called Mafane by locals but called the Electric Daisy or Buzz Buttons by chefs. The buds cause intense salivation and a cooling, numb sensation in the mouth. It is harvested in Reunion, a French island off the coast of Madagascar. It has been used by many societies for toothache, colds and even general pain due to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the active molecule.

The active molecule is Spilanthol, and the extract is standardised for this component. Spilanthol is mainly found in the leaves and flower heads. It penetrates the skin easily and has muscle relaxant properties.

The main effect of this ingredient is to relax the facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This effect starts almost immediately but takes approximately 3 hours to reach its peak and is reversible over 24 hours.

This ingredient gives us a rapid effect but also delivers cumulative results with continued use. We can reduce wrinkles by around 7% on day 1 (6 hours) but with continued use we can deliver an average of 16% wrinkle reduction (28 days) as can be seen from the images below.

Product Category Retail Professional
  • Intensity Serum
  • Intensity Ampoule
  • Intensity Mask