Ingredient Glossary

Esse does make use of essential oils, and all though we consider the aromatherapy effects of the oils, we generally use them for fragrance at low levels. At these levels, the anti-bacterial effect of the essential oils that we use is not significant, thus having no meaningful impact on the skin microbiome. We will only use oils that are safe, even during pregnancy. Esse will always use certified organic oils if possible.

Some components of essential oils (e.g., geraniol, limonene, citronellol) are required by the EU regulations to be listed separately. This is to allow customers that are hypersensitive to these compounds to avoid them.

In a commitment to the Fair-Trade movement and principles, all plant sourced ingredients are harvested to ensure sustainability and harvesters receive fair remuneration.

Ingredients can change from time to time and we recommend visiting the website to check ingredient listing or INCI per product for the most updated information.

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