Will the probiotics in the Probiotic Serum grow on my skin? Can I just use it once?

Think back to the image of the colonisation of probiotics within 2 hours of applying the Probiotic Serum in the previous lesson.

Now observe the image below:

It is clear that even after 24 hours of applying the Probiotic Serum, Lactobacillus is still one of the dominating microbial species in comparison to the species present prior to application. However it is noteworthy to mention that the population declines with time when you compare the sample taken after 8 hours of application and then again after 24 hours of application.

So will the Probiotic Serum grow on your skin? Yes. The 1 billion cfu/ml will colonise your skin and protect, balance and moisturise it.

But is this enough to change my microbiome if I use it just once? No. Compare it to something like cardiovascular exercise. Will you get fit? Yes. Will you get fit if you only do it once? No. You might get your heart rate up, but not enough to maintain your fitness level over a longer period of time.

Start introducing the Probiotic Serum into your routine slowly by using once daily for 1-2 weeks, gradually building up to twice daily. Reduce usage to a maintenance dose once the skin condition improves.