If my skin microbiome is mostly stable, then how do I change it?

If you want to add a microbe to your skin microbiome, your skin’s immune system will need to become habituated to it over time so that it doesn’t perceive it as a threat. This means that you will need to come into regular contact with the microbe and that it will have to find the food that it needs on the surface of your skin.

It will take time to incorporate a new microbe and it will help to apply it with the right prebiotics or food for the microbe.

Your overall microbiome also depends on your lifestyle … your choice of personal care products, your predilection for the outdoors or for hot baths and your diet, to name a few factors. As we discussed previously, many lifestyle factors can impact the skin microbiome.

By avoiding substances that wreak havoc in the system, you can provide your microbiome with the time it needs to begin re-establishing its natural diversity and balance.

In summary: Yes, you can change your skin microbiome, but it means changing your lifestyle and your skin care habits for a long time, and leaning towards sustainable skincare that prioritizes and supports your microbiome.