What happens to my skin microbiome when I use the Probiotic Serum?

Please watch the two videos below. There is additional content after the videos.

By using the Probiotic Serum, you add 1 billion live cfu/ml to your skin, providing a solid covering of beneficial microbes to protect you from incoming pathogenic microbes. By means of “competitive exclusion”, these microbes occupy all the space and uses up all the nutrients, making it really difficult for a pathogenic microbe to survive.

Probiotics improve barrier function, by communicating to skin cells to improve quantity and quality of T-junctions between the cells, thereby reducing moisture loss and the incursion of toxins and pathogens into the lower layers of the skin. With a strengthened barrier, inflammation is reduced.

Natural moisturising factors are produced such as Lactic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. Lactic acid, produced by Lactobacillus, maintains a low pH, creating a less desirable environment for certain pathogens.

Due to enhanced cell-to-cell communication, probiotics assist with correct immune response, thereby reducing the number of times the skin responds to a threat and slowing the ageing process.

All these factors reduce the rate of skin ageing and result in an overall healthier skin.