Is sunlight good or bad for my microbiome?

We were told that germs are bad, so zero germs must be good? However science has proven otherwise, since we evolved with germs, we are dependent on each other for survival.

We have done the same with the sun. Sun exposure is bad, it’s pro-ageing, it causes cancer, and so zero sun must be good? Humans evolved with the sun and we need the sun to stay healthy.

Our current UV exposure is low and decreasing rapidly. Our modern lifestyle causes us to spend 87% of our time indoors, 6% in cars and a mere 7% outdoors. In order for our bodies to synthesise Vitamin D, we need to expose our unprotected skin to UV rays on a daily basis. It is important to get your minimum erythemal dose, keeping your skin tone in mind. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with depression, hypertension and cancer.

But what about my microbes?

Sunlight will favour co-evolved microbes over pathogens, so when you have a healthy microbiome, it will probably be good.