Probiotic Ampoule

Probiotic Ampoule

A powerful live probiotic ampoule to rewild the skin in the treatment room

The Probiotic Ampoule contains 5 times more live probiotics than the Probiotic Serum. This level is too high for everyday use, but when used as a once-weekly boost, this level of microbiome intervention can shift skin towards a “new normal” that is less reactive and defends against ageing.

Beneficial for:

> ageing skin
> acne skin
> eczema, rosacea, peri-oral dermatitis
> any imbalance

  • BIOME+ FORMULATION with live probiotics included. These seed the skin with beneficial microbial species that can colonise and multiply, actively shifting the skin’s microbiome in the right direction.
  • Probiotic Ampoule will add billions of live probiotic microbes to your skin’s microbiome.


The two-part formulation consists of two vials. One of which is a nutrient liquid with the food that they need to survive, and the other is a living Lactobacillus bacteria, all packed under nitrogen. The Lactobacillus species that we have chosen will protect the skin by competitive exclusion, improve barrier function, produce Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise skin and reduce sensitivity.

Probiotics – Lactobacillus to actively shape the skin’s microbiome.

Prebiotics – Prebiotic mix to feed and strengthen beneficial microbe populations.

The therapist will break the seal on the vial and add the nutrient liquid to the powder vial at the beginning of the facial procedure. While the client is busy with the facial, the microbes will activate and start to use the nutrient to grow and divide. At the end of the facial the therapist will apply the mix of live bacteria and nutrients to the client’s skin.


Protect – Live topical probiotics help to protect you against pathogens in three ways:

  1. They occupy all the available space and consume all the available nutrients so that incoming pathogens have no way of taking hold. This is called competitive exclusion.
  2. They signal the skin to improve the quantity and quality of T-junctions in the Stratum Granulosum to improve barrier function.
  3. Lactobacillus produce anti-microbial peptides (AMPs) called bacteriocins that are toxic to pathogens.

Slow Ageing – We have shown that our live probiotics increase skin firmness and elasticity but new research shows that they also neutralise free radicals and reduce pro-ageing inflammation.

Maintain Balance – Topical Lactobacillus application has been shown to boost the populations of other important microbial species in your skin. They also modulate your skin’s immune response and keep the pH of the skin in the optimum range by producing Lactic Acid.

0.3g/0.1 oz vial and 2ml/0.06 fl oz vial