Esse Plus

Esse Plus is our premium anti-ageing range. We’ve spared no expense to deliver the world’s most advanced probiotic anti-ageing products.

The highlight of the Plus range is the Probiotic Serum which uses live probiotics to actively shape the skin’s ecosystem and rewild the skin. This serum contains 1 billion live probiotics per millilitre and is a world first in skincare.

All of the products in this range boast high-level probiotic actives and potent plant extracts to boost your skin’s microbiome and provide visible anti-ageing results.

Eye Contour Cream
Albizia extract boosts collagen and elastin production, visibly improving crow’s feet while Belides extract manages dark rings and Darutoside reduces puffiness.

Defence Moisturiser
Gives daytime protection from pollutants and free radicals in a nourishing but light formulation. Prebiotics and probiotic extracts improve barrier function to firm and plump the skin.

Restorative Moisturiser
This is an intensely moisturising formulation that is targeted at night-time repair and restoration. Hyaluronic Acid with prebiotics and probiotic extracts boost moisturisation and slow ageing.

Probiotic Serum
The world’s first live probiotic serum. It contains more than 1 billion live probiotics per ml to improve barrier function and rectify skin imbalances for a firmer, fuller, more resilient skin.

Ageless Serum
The firming and lifting effects of this serum are noticeable within 28 days. It contains a range of probiotic and plant extracts that improve skin structure and reduce pigmentation.

Intensity Serum
Nature’s answer to Botox, with rapid softening of wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. First effects are seen after 2 hours and there is a cumulative effect if used every morning.

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