Esse Clarifying

Probiotics for acne. Rewild to get back your best skin.

The Clarifying Range works to restore a healthy baseline for inflammatory responses. Live probiotics perform important roles such as restoring the “microbial chatter” that our skin would be accustomed to in natural environments and keep the conditions on the skin favourable for beneficial microbes. They also help to re-establish barrier function and to keep the skin’s immune responses appropriate and educated.

Our approach to sebum helps with a return to evolutionary roots. We don’t strip sebum from the skin as we know it is there for important reasons. Instead of waging war on a healthy bodily function, the Clarifying Range adds nutritive oil to the skin’s surface. This feeds healthy microbes and signals the skin to balance its sebum production.

We also know that our skin is designed for sun exposure, which means it is accustomed to relatively high Vitamin D levels. Our inclusion of Provitamin D in the range is also a return to our natural, “wild” state.

Clarifying Cleanser
Gently detoxifying, this non-foaming and non-stripping activated carbon-infused cleanser soothes with probiotic extracts. Salicylic Acid is included to gently exfoliate and balance pH to ensure a balanced microbiome.

Clarifying Oil
An oil that acts as sebum support to reduce the skin’s oil production. A synergy of 4 LIVE probiotic species to shift the microbiome, restore barrier function and address subclinical inflammation. Bakuchiol acts as a natural Retinol alternative and Provitamin D helps to boost an essential component of healthy skin.

Clarifying Serum
An acqueous serum with 2% Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid to provide hydration and improve the delivery of other actives. This serum needs to be used in conjunction with the Clarifying Oil for best results.

Clarifying Spot Corrector

A targeted spot treatment packed with Salicylic Acid, Bakuchiol and Niacinamide to ensure spot and inflammation relief.

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